Git is so powerful!

Automatic code testing

Imagine that after each commit the code is tested for errors and the involved developer is informed about the problems! Imagine automatic code testing ... no need to imagine! This is the reality!

Fork & Pull workflow with explicit approval

You can have total control over which part of the code goes into development and which goes into production.

Single click code deployment

Yes, it is quite possible to have single click code deployment in development, staging or production environments.

Custom Gtolite or GitLab or others

If you prefer to have your own GIT repositories management servers, we are ready to help.

But s*** also happens!

The lead developer left the project

It turns out some essential part of the code-base is also missing. Apparently nobody can find it, so we are left with big holes in the code...

Strange behaviour and suddenly the product stopped working

So many developers tried to fix the last few issues in the project and now nothing is working and after each attempt it is getting worse and worse ... So strange that nobody is responsible!

We have old working version of the code

Nobody knows how to revert the changes that one of the developers committed by mistake. How such a simple situation can be a big problem?

Deployment and integration can be as easy as A B C

1. Tell us about your problem and what you think is the perfect resolution.
2. We will evaluate the issues and will come up with possible solutions.
3. Together we'll implement the solution that best suits your needs and requirements.
The key word here is TOGETHER! Our philosophy is that you should always know what is happening in your development process. So instead of doing something that is black magic for you, we are helping you to implement the best solution. Don't worry, there is no need to learn thousands of git options or to become an expert in cryptology - we will do all the heavy lifting for you!

Clients testimonials

The expert not only suggested the best version control and deployment practices, but also advised me how to use free services to optimise the expenses. I was paying $200/month for service that now costs me only $7/month, not to mention that it is much more stable!

Robert Taylor , Fantasya development guys managed to solve my code development, deployment and version control problems expertly!

Marc Ludolff , Arexenia online

Now I can't imagine managing software project without automatic testing after each code commit. Practically this makes the development two times faster. Thank you!

Brandon Bright, Foxyblu friendly online shopping
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